Cooperation & Communication
Under the principles of "openness, flow and combination", NELOGPTS has established good partnerships and carried out extensive exchanges with domestic and overseas famous research institutions, and has organized and undertaken domestic and overseas academic seminars and technical exchanges for many times.

NELOGPTS organized and held the International Seminar on High Strength Line Pipe in Xi'an

NELOGPTS organized and held the Seminar on Construction of High Pressure Pipelines in Langfang

NELOGPTS organized and held the International Seminar on Pipeline Engineering Anticorrosion & Joint Coating in Langfang

NELOGPTS organized and held China's two largest industrial technical conferences and the China International Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference in Langfang

NELOGPTS organized and held the International Technical Seminar on Pipeline Maintenance & Repair in Langfang

NELOGPTS has built a joint R & D team with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to carry out technical researches on pipeline crack detection. The two sides exchanged R & D staff to work collaboratively on a regular basis. Also, it has held several technical exchanges and seminars on pipeline detection with Iran, Sudan and domestic institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

NELOGPTS sent technical staff to a dozen international conferences including the International Pipeline Conference (IPC) Rio de Janeiro and the 7th Asian-Pacific Corrosion Control Conference

NELOGPTS established good cooperation and research relations with renowned foreign research institutions such as SwRI

NELOGPTS has concluded cooperative agreements with a host of petroleum universities like China University of Petroleum (Beijing), Xi'an Shiyou University and Southwest Petroleum University, and established a long-term exchange and cooperation mechanism with prestigious universities like Tsinghua University, Nankai University and National University of Defense Technology.