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Undertaken by China Petroleum Pipeline Inspection Technologies Co., Ltd. and China Petroleum Pipeline Telecommunication & Power Engineering Company (CPPTPEC), the Pipeline Monitoring & Detection Lab (PMDL) is engaged in internal detection and monitoring of pipelines, technical researches on optical fiber sensing, electronic, telecommunication, security, measurement and automation products, instrument and equipment development and production, and technical services.
Key tasks: Defining research plans, key research fields and major research directions, and determining work tasks according to research directions; closely following domestic and foreign technologies, striving for and undertaking various research tasks; completing research projects assigned by CNPC, CPP and CPPTPEC, ensuring the fulfillment of research tasks, organizing and implementing research projects; transforming technological achievements, developing and popularizing new products; strengthening laboratory building, constantly improving innovation capacity, integrating technological human resources, accelerating young researcher training and valuing academic echelon building; and undertaking the organization of activities such as academic forum, academic lecture and academic seminar.

PMDL has 59 talents in internal pipeline detection, pipeline monitoring, optoelectronics, optical fiber sensing and signal processing research, achievement transformation and technology services as well as specialized talents in relevant disciplines, including 6technological managers, 48 researchers and 5 technical service staff members; 19 with master's degrees and 40 with bachelor's degrees; 13 with senior titles and 46 with primary and intermediate titles. It has engaged four experts in relevant fields.


Since 2010, PMDL has kept constructing and perfecting laboratory infrastructure according to the overall plans of CNPC, CPP and NELOGPTS, has completed equipment tenders for magnetic flux leakage detection platform, crack detection platform and corrosion detection software platform, most general equipment has arrived and been accepted, and some self-made equipment is being developed. It has built and perfected experimental systems such as magnetic flux leakage detection, crack detection technology, corrosion detection software, pipeline safety pre-warning system, regional anti-intrusion system, IC processing and testing platform and landslide monitoring system; and is building two experimental systems: system of optical fiber monitoring of natural gas pipeline leakage and laser ultrasonic pipeline weld defect detection system. Its test capacity has increased constantly and can meet the technical requirements of pipeline monitoring/detection. Over 90 percent of conventional experimental instruments and apparatuses and over 70 percent of large experimental units have been used.

Iconic equipments

Detector testing system

The detector testing system is used for testing the mechanical properties and detecting capabilities of the detector. It can handle the experimental tests of 10 tons of traction with the speed of Brn/s; can simulate a variety of test conditions to achieve the test to the technical parameters, such as movement speed, magnetic field strength and position of the probe at Im/s to 5m/s. The system is at the international advanced level as a whole.

Integrated circuit (IC) processing test platform

IC processing test platform can realize fully-automatic weldmg of the mtegrated mrcuit board, the entire reflow soldenng prccess can be derided into fare different temperature regions It improves the welding quality and welding speed, and is of the domestic advanced level m the fe Id of electronic sensing technology

Typical experiments