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Pipeline Maintenance & Repair Lab (PMRL) was built up and put into operation in late 2010. The pipeline maintenance & repair system can simulate pipeline maintenance & repair operations under different pipeline diameters, different mediums and different conditions, provides test platforms for the localization of steel pipeline plugging equipment, the development of pipeline machinery and hydraulic repair fixtures, the stress testing of reinforcement plates of different pipelines, the testing of in-service welding depth and temperature of different pipelines, the evaluation testing of welding processes of in-service pipelines in maintenance and repair, and the research on the simulation test system of oil & gas pipeline maintenance and repair, and can give technical trainings to pipeline maintenance & repair operators to promote the continuous progress in China's pipeline maintenance & repair technologies. It is major facilities for ensuring the safe operation of long-distance oil & gas pipelines.

PMRL has 14 technicians specialized in design and research. As the key part of laboratory researchers, these technicians will work on production technology service and laboratory research concurrently. Also, the laboratory will engage some seasoned pipeline technology experts as technical advisors to give instruction in research, and will transfer some part-time technicians with practical operation experience in the company to assist in practical experiment operations.


Based on the existing management organization of China Petroleum Pipeline Maintenance and Emergency Repair Company (CPPMERC), PMRL is led by the company in terms of administration and guided by NELOGPTS in terms of business. The R & D Center of CPPMERC is in charge of organizing and implementing the laboratory's research work, and the Equipment Center of CPPMERC is in charge of test system use and management.

Iconic equipments

Pipeline maintenancee & repair testing system

The pipeline maintenance%repair testing system can carry out the experiment of the dynamic and static openings. plugging and welding of series of pipelines with 108 to 1219 mm diameter. It has the ability to simulate the pipeline maintenance&repair processes and equipments trial under different operating conditions using high-pressure water and compressed air. This system is the only test system which engaged in oil and gas pipeline rnaintenance8 repair technology research with international leading level.

Typical experiments