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Pipeline Integrity Management Lab (PIML) was established on the basis of the Integrity International Cooperation Center, integrity detection laboratory, leakage detection and safety pre-warning laboratory and corrosion protection laboratory of PTRCP, and some research institutes of the Research Institute of CPP.
Key tasks: In regard to various factors affecting trunk pipelines and station safety, carrying out detection, monitoring and pre-warning, carrying out high-consequence area evaluation, risk evaluation and integrity evaluation, conducting integrity management, and solving technical and engineering problems of pipeline structure integrity to ensure the safety of oil & gas pipeline transportation.
Orientation: Building a major base for carrying out high-level R & D activities, gathering and training high-caliber technological talents, making high-level academic exchanges and promoting the transformation of technological achievements in the domestic pipeline integrity management field, making theoretical innovation in the field of pipeline Integrity management, reserving and applying relevant technologies, preferentially solving major technological problems of pipeline integrity management, becoming a domestic window for foreign exchanges and cooperation in the technical field of the discipline, and progressively creating a domestic top and internationally advanced integrated open experimental platform.
PIML is up to advanced international standards in research findings of pipeline integrity management, pipeline leakage detection and pipeline ultrasonic guided wave detection, and plays a global leading role in pipeline safety pre-warning technology.

PIML has a director and 3 deputy directors, as well as 48 other key researchers, including an expert enjoying government allowance, two senior technical experts of CNPC, four professor-level senior engineers, 18 senior engineers and 30 engineers.

Based on and led by CPPC and CPP, PIML conducts management by level and practices the system of laboratory director responsibility. PIML has worked out the laboratory management measures, duties of all branches, as well as the measures for daily management of the laboratory and the measures management of instruments and equipment.

Iconic equipments

Ultrasonic guided-wave detecting system

The ultrasonic guided-wave detecting system uses low-frequency ultrasonic wave to detect and pinpoint the defect on the pipeline body. It is able to detect the pipe segment of a certain distance from the cross-sectional position of the detecting location. The device is of international advanced level In the field of non-destructive testing of p i pe litic.